Freely Fit

I have a question for you loves…what has been the highlight of your week?  Write that down and celebrate that achievement.  Oh, and a happy Friday to you πŸ˜  

One of the most common things that I hear people say that it is so expensive to workout because you have to join a gym.  Well, I hear you and want to, drum roll  πŸ₯ please-set you up for success!  Today I want to share three fitness platforms that provide free workouts that work, are uncomplicated and best of all FREE!  

​I absolutely love this website and the two hosts, owners, creators of fitness blender Kelly and Daneil.  They offer a ton of free workouts that can be tailored to any specific fitness needs or wants.  They also have programs that you can purchase, that you own for life.  The each come with a pre-designed workout specific for certain days along with a calendar for tracking and seeing your accomplishments throughout the program.  There is also an amazing tribe of supportive people that are there for the same reasons as you.  A great resource that I find myself always going back to as I shift and change my workouts as needed. 

Check out their YouTube Channel for their free videos 🎦

Popsugar fitness is a fun and uplifting, yet challenging fitness platform that offers so many free workouts.  The main reason that I love PopSugar besides the effectiveness of the workouts that they provide is the host Anna!  She is always there showing up giving her all doing her best, connecting with the realness of working out that comes with, well working out.  There are a variety of workouts to choose from with various fitness experts leading you through the many styles that these experts provide all for FREE! 

Check out their YouTube Channel for their free videos 🎦

BeFit offers workout videos from all genres that you could think of in the world of fitness.  You are introduced to the many fitness trainers that are inspiring and encouraging you to get up, get moving and keep moving!  There are familiar faces in the world of fitness that you can workout along with and it is all FREE

Check out their YouTube Channel for their free videos 🎦

So there are my three online FREE ways to workout at home or even in the gym, if you just don’t know where to start with working out.  These are some amazing resources that can help inspire, encourage, start and continue on your path towards wellness and weight-loss.  A balanced approach is required and having a means of providing some fitness to your body is needed.  I hope that these three resources can help in that.

Much Love,Nic

Sometimes we need some help figuring it out when it comes to fitness and ourselves related to that.  Schedule a free one on one session with me and we can work through this together–>πŸ“§

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