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Plants are an amazing way to add some earthy vibes to your space that also help promote better air quality. When you have better air quality your well-being is increased and you have a better mood when approaching all areas of your life. When we are at out bests we are doing our best!

Also, there is truth about how you are a product of your environment, and there are some things we all have the power to control. It can simply start with adding a plant to the four main areas that most of us spend a lot of our time in; bedroom, living room, office space and kitchen. We become what we feed ourselves and that also means the type of air that we are taking in.

Bedroom Approved

Snake Plant

This plant should be in every place that people sleep. The main reason that it is perfect for the bedroom is that it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night compared to during the day as most other plants typically do. This adding oxygen to the air at night improves sleep quality by increasing access to clean oxygen in the air to breathe in while sleeping. This plant also purifies the air by removing formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide produced by fuel-burning appliances as well. This statement plant is perfect for adding in some style but i It if perfect for the typical lights out status in the bedroom with it surviving in all levels of light and minimal watering needs.

Living Room Approved

English Ivy

This plant is the perfect living room or common areas companion. Most of these spaces are furnished and decorated with various items for both comfort and visual appeal as well as entrance and exit access points. This plant removes benzene from the air a carcinogen found in detergents, pesticides and the off-gassing of synthetic materials, removes formaldehyde, and reported to be great for asthma and allergy sufferers due to its air purification abilities. It is also said to remove airborne mold and feces, adding to its living room location needs, with all the foot traffic being the hub of bringing in the outside world inside. Our living spaces are also filled with items that are likely to contain products that are emitting these types of chemicals into the air. With this area being the most commonly used area, these plants will help provide a healthier living space.

Work-Space Approved


This plant purifies air by removing the chemicals formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene that are in the air that we breathe. Our work-space usually has furniture, computer equipment, and other plastics components that all release the chemicals that they are made up of into the air. This plant is perfect for counteracting the impact of breathing in those chemicals by cleaning the air of those chemicals. This plant is not only great at air purification it is also a very attractive plant that will add some color and life to your work space. It is also perfect for those that may work in a cubical space or a closet turned office space as it does well in very little light.

Kitchen Approved

Spider Plant

This plant is perfect for hanging out in the kitchen because you can also hang it from the ceiling if counter space is an issue. It is also a very resilient plant that can sustain its self in various conditions and requires little care at all. It is kitchen perfection for its ability to purify the air as well as remove odors, fumes, and pollutants that are commonly found in the kitchen area.

There you have plants that you can add to the different areas of your home to help with your environment to be less toxic. If you do have pets, take the time to do additional research about if the plants that are in your shared space with your paw family members that it won’t harm them. Which plant interests you or do you already have plants?

Much Love, Nic

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