Facial Do’s and No No’s

I stand here representing every single Esthetician out there that cares about your skin health and I require you to promise from the bottom of your heart and soul that you WILL LISTEN to what I say and DO WHAT I say!  I want you to have the best post care experience.  So when I say this should be done and this should not be done there is a reason.  If you are one of those that need a little more than because I said – here are the do’ and no no’s after a facial.

No Touching Allowed – Ok, I honestly understand that after your receive a facial your skin feels so amazing that you just can’t help but want to touch it in all it’s new skinness beauty.  But DO NOT TOUCH, there is no touching allowed.  Your skin has been thoroughly cleansed and the last thing that it needs are fingers that are most likely not even clean touching it for the sole purpose of touching.  So STOP, keep your hands to yourself, just admire your spa glow in the mirror.  I give you permission to look at yourself in the mirror all night long, just please do not touch!  Let your skin recover and breathe.

Change Your Pillow Case – This is something that I have started to advocate people do post facial treatment after having too many conversations about why their skin is experiencing a breakout in their sleep, but that is another convo soon to come.  Your pillowcase can contain the various oils and treatment serums that you put on your face from night to night so changing it out every couple of days is crucial.  I mean you wash your face in the morning and night so a pillowcase change should be a part of the washing your face process, it’s keeping your skin clean, right!  That’s what makes after you receive a facial the perfect time to change your pillow case to a freshly cleaned one, silk or satin if I can be picky about the fabric type, haha.     

Schedule Next Facial Like Vampires Do – I always encourage people to have facials in the evening if they can.  It is the best time because you will be heading home, the sun is not out.  This is the best scenario for your skin and the confusion about what should I do is minimal when you have a facial in the evening.  Plus you have the added benefit that you are all relaxed in a spa state of mind, making for a great nights rest.  Your skin will love that for sure!    

No Sweating Allowed – Now this is no excuse to not workout, just do it before your facial appointment.  We want to avoid heating the skin up unnecessarily as that has been done throughout the treatment, and there is a limit to a good thing!  There is no need to heat the skin up to only have those amazingly active ingredients that have been applied to your skin to just go to waste.  Just take a breather and let your skin just enjoy it’s post spa glow, after all your face just got a work out and needs time to recover.

Exfoliate Not – Avoid any type of exfoliation or chemical peels for the next 3 days.  Your skin needs time to breathe and or recover for the treatment that it just received, that should have included some type of exfoliation and depending on the type of treatment plan that you are on may have included a chemical peel.  So there is no need to exfoliate for the next couple of days, it has already been done for you. 

Take a Retin A Break – Retin A is a form of exfoliation and should be avoided for the same reasons as stated above for a 72 hour period applied topically.  Trust me I know you are addicted to your Retin A most people are and rightfully so, but three days is not going to reverse the effects of your diligent application nightly routine that you are currently accustomed to.  Keep in mind that your skin may be more receptive to your serums that you apply post facial as the skin has been cleansed and exfoliated of dead skin cells allowing for better product absorption.  A win win, no.

Say Bye Bye to the Sun – Honestly your time in the sun should be limited every day, but it is even more crucial post treatment.  Your skin is all fresh and clean and needs to be treated in a delicate manner of speaking, so say bye bye to hanging in the sun.  Besides the indoors need some love and chill time in those many spaces.  If you must be in the sun be sure to use a sunscreen and wear protective clothing, sunglasses a hat, or better yet just stay inside, see where I’m going with this!

Now remember that promise that you made before about DOING what I say!  Your face will thank you for it and so will your Esthetician.  Remember I am here for you to have the best skin possible so when I say do this, its for you to have the best skin possible.  That’s what we all want, no!?

Much Love, Nic

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