Fitness Fitout Like Pizza Toppings

Hi loves, and a Happy Feeding You Friday!!! Do you get your body moving how you can move it for YOU! It’s just like how you like to order a meal, make a sandwich, or what toppings you do or don’t like on your pizza. That pickiness that you enjoy should be used when it comes to working out in the exact same way.

Personally, I always find that the best way to stick to a workout is to figure out what it is that you enjoy doing that you won’t have an issue with sticking with doing. With that, the first step in the process is to embrace trying new things and being okay with walking away from something that you just are not enjoying. Yes it is quitting and what is the point of doing something that you are not enjoying that can be replaced with something that you do. I think of quitting as realizing that something is not for me or meant to be…thank you next!

So what are some ways to get the body moving that you may enjoy you ask? I know for my own personal experience I just DO NOT enjoy boot camps. I am not competitive like that and it has the opposite affect on motivating in that it makes me want to rebel against what everyone else is doing. For others, like a good friend of mine, she thrives in that type of working out and it works for her.

I always like to help provide people with tools that come with options. With that I came up with 5 types of exercises that you can start out trying to see what feels right for you. Remember that you don’t know what you do like or don’t like if you never try it and see.

Dance Cardio

Perfect for those that like to not feel like they are working out. It is less about getting the steps correct, although that is the ultimate goal, but mostly focused on having fun, enjoying the music and moving your body. This is a great cardio workout and depending on the style of dance you can be sure that every angle of your body will be worked out all while having fun.

HIIT Training

Perfect for those that like the challenge of intensity in a short amount of time. HIIT training is all about getting the greatest impact in less time. It will have you push your body both physically and mentally, while improving your endurance, strength and agility. If you like intensity that doesn’t take hours on end, this is the one for you, but remember it is INTENSE because it is done during a shorter period of time focusing on maximum impact.


Perfect for those that like to feel powerful and in control. To me kickboxing is all about connecting to that inner core power, engaging through mental stamina, and maintaining proper form and protection. This is an amazing cardio workout that builds endurance as it continuously engages the core. It is also a great way to get some much pent up stress out all while getting a great workout in, with both actions benefiting both your body and mental state of being.


Perfect for those that like to take it slow and easy on the impact scale. Walking is the one type of workout that anyone can do anytime that requires nothing more than somewhere to walk, even if in place where you are standing at any given moment. This is a great way to improve stamina while working on strengthening the heart through moderate cardio. Walking is highly underrated as a great way to workout, but it is moving your body, getting the blood flowing, increasing your mood towards happy.


Perfect for those that want controlled and conscious movement on purpose. Pilates is all about control, form and moving on purpose. It is based in healing and providing therapeutic movement to dancers bodies, a form of dance therapy. It may be slow movements but the impact is felt providing a great cardio session, toning session, as well as stretching session all in one. Don’t let the small movements fool your eyes because those small movements are felt and engaging your muscles, even for days to come still feeling that engagement.

There you have a few styles to try out how it feels while doing and if you can continue with committing to moving your body. Or maybe you will find that you like them all and will want to sprinkle them throughout your week because they all feel right to YOU. Whatever it is that you find that you like doing for your fitness be sure that it is something that feels great and right to YOUR body needs at any given moment.

Remember how you like certain things on your sandwich or pizza? Well those same choices that you are allowed to make apply to your fitness, how you workout for YOU! It is individualized to each person and what others enjoy you may just NOT. Once you learn to embrace that, then you become open to the idea of trying out various workout styles regardless of the latest trends telling you otherwise. Finding that sweet spot of getting the body moving and enjoying it in the process, see that is the whole point that benefits your whole being in the best way possible.

Much Love, Nic

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