For Great Skin You Gotta Have A Routine

If you want to have great skin you have to have a routine. Skin care just like life care is cumulative. The more you do on a consistent basis will show! Yes, I know the question HOW popped into your head! For the sake of the cumulative affect on your skin I have an answer for you. Start at the most basic of levels when it comes to creating a skin care routine that works for you now. Here are a few general recommendations to get you started on the right path broken down for morning needs and then evening needs.

Note: This is just a basic routine to help you get use to the foundational basics needed to build upon and with those in mind who don’t or do have a routine for their skin.

Morning Routine Needs

Here is the thing about coming up with YOUR morning routine. It is something that you have to do for how your skin looks each morning you wake up. There will be some days you may feel the need to wash your face and others you just simply rinse with water or use a konjac sponge like I love using in the morning.

  1. Cleanse– Only if needed, simply rinsing your face off with warm or cool water may be all your skin needs first thing in the morning. If for some reason you need to actually wash your face I always recommend using a gentle cleanser nothing too harsh.
  2. Hydrate – Based on your skin type needs now is the time to add some hydration to your skin. If you have dry skin a cream may be your best option where as those with oilier skin types a light moisturizing lotion type will suffice if anything at all. Sometimes the next step provides you with the needed hydration for oily and normal skin types so see how it feels on your skin and adjust accordingly.
  3. Sun Protect – Every person that has skin needs that added level of sun protection exposure through applying a SPF. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the sun, it is a rainy or cloudy day. The sun rays are still making there way through the rains and clouds. If it is daytime apply sun protection of some sort.

Evening Routine Needs

The evening time is focused about removing the day from your face from makeup, oil, dead skin, dirt and debris. It is also the perfect time to allow your face time to recuperate from the day that it was exposed to. There is the addition of

  1. Cleanse – This is a step that can change so many peoples skin in such amazing ways. Use a cleanser that is formulated for your face and your skin type. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use body wash or bar soap! It is not formulated for the more delicate layers of skin on your face.
  2. Second cleanse – If you wear long lasting makeup I always recommend doing a second cleanse to be sure that you breakdown the ingredients that give makeup its staying power. Remember that you are removing products and day time exposure build up that may be sitting in and on top of our pores. Your skin needs time to just be and just breathe so DON’T skip this step.
  3. Hydration – I’m going to be honest…sometimes the effort of being sure that your skin in clear and free of mostly the things we willingly put on our skin. You got to add back in that hydration that may have been stripped through removing mostly those Oils and Creams.

So there you have he basics to get you started down that path of great healthy skin. Healthy skin starts with the basics and this guide on what to do when should help in achieving just that.

Much Love, Nic

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